Children’s book on stroke

We are delighted to present the book “Grandmother talks funnily?”, created by nurse and writer Sarah Wulteput in collaboration and supported by the Belgian Stroke Council. The book explains stroke in general to children, and language problems more specifically.

This soft cover book is available for 15€ using the order link below.

Stroke card for patients

Download and print this stroke card for patients to keep in their wallet. The stroke card may help caregivers in the case of recurrent stroke, when residual stroke symptoms (e.g. aphasia) may impede the evaluation of other medical problems or when treatment of new medical problems may interfere with or be cause by chronic stroke treatment (e.g. use of anticoagulants). 

The treating physician can leave her or his contact details on the card for medical emergencies.

Stroke checklist for patients

The post-stroke checklist has been developped by the Global Stroke Community Advisory Panel in 2012 and has been validated by the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) and adapted by the Belgian Stroke Council in 2016. A stroke patient may use the checklist to prepare the follow-up consultation with her or his treating physician.