European Stroke Awareness Day

・May 9th – European Stroke Awareness Day・

On European Stroke Day we aim to increase awareness for the symptoms and prevention of stroke.



European Stroke Awareness Day 9 May 2023

Europe is failing to provide adequate stroke care and support. The scale of stroke care crisis is laid bare by new data release.

New data collected as part of the Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) Stroke Service Tracker reveals the gross inequity of access to care and support for stroke patients and stroke survivors across Europe.

The SAP-E was launched in 2018 to provide a framework for European governments to improve stroke care and support for all European citizens. As part of this plan, data from 36 countries across Europe, covering
12 key areas of improvement.

SAP-E Joint Statement for ESAD 2023




May 9th is European Stroke Day. To focus on the impact of stroke and create more awareness, several hospitals are organizing the 2nd edition of the free, interactive stroke walk, called FAST4-WARD.

Using the free izi.TRAVEL App participants can navigate the interactive and educational hike at a time and date of their choosing.

Moreover, participants can also take part in a contest for a chance to win exciting prizes! The winner will be chosen by stroke survivor Steven Spillebeen (a.k.a. “Spillie”). To enter the contest, take an original photo in which you portray the FAST test or apply FAST in a creative way during the walk. Send your photo via email to 

before May 2nd 2023, and include your name and phone number

For more information on a FAST 4-ward hike in your neighbourhood, please select a region and click the button of your preffered hike below.


Fast4-ward for Stroke is sponsored by:

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Some pictures of the 2022 World Stroke Day Fast4-ward walk!

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